Formatting slave maxtor hd

[COLOR=#8b0000]HI ppl:
Well I was trying to find an article or guide that’d show me how to Format my current Slave Hard Drive (MAXTOR 36147H8) and then Re-Install it without having any reboot or Recognizion issue but i can’t see to find any… so Would u please Help me out? … Btw, my current OS is WinXpSP2 running in my brand new WesternDigital 120HD.
Oh i forgot this MAXTOR HD is currently partitioned F:\Slave and G:\System_SAV (old system that was running in the current slave) and i want it formatted and in one piece just like F: not partitioned.[/COLOR]

right click on my computer and select Manage

Go to Storage>Disk Management.

Right click on drives F: and G: and select delete logical drive for both. (warning: i hope you indeed intend to lose all the data on those drives)

I can’t check right now, so I can’t really help you from there on…

but I believe you’ll then have some unallocated space or something. right click on that and select create logical drive and follow the instructions.