Formatting text function not working

Nevermind got it working.

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in AS 2 I used to be able to do this

private function makeNewFormat(passedKeys:Array, passedValues:Array, formatForField:TextField){
	var formatName:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
	var i:Number
	var limit:Number = passedKeys.length
	for(i=0; i<limit; i++){
		formatName[passedKeys*]= passedValues*;

makeNewFormat([font, color, size, underline], ["Verdana", 0xFF0000, 10, true], _tf)

now when i do it i get a compiler error 1120 access to undefined property
How do i make that code work in AS 3?

it works if i call out the properites like this:

private function makeNewFormat(formatForField:TextField){
	var formatName:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
	formatName.font = "Verdana";
	formatName.color = 0xFF0000;
	formatName.size = 10;

but obviously that restricts the flexibility the other function offers me.

any ideas?