Forms + displaying results

Is it possible to file form results to anoher html page automatically?

Hey dpotter,
You can tell a form to submit to another HTML page. Is this what you are referring to?

Kirupa :rambo:

thanks for replying, I want to set-up, something like an “online notice board”, where people can post adverts for things they want to sell, and where form results automatically file to another html page, according to which catergory they fall into (eg adverts for computers, would go under the “computers” heading, and so on).

I also want adverts to be removed automatically after a period of time (eg 2 weeks).

Is it possible to do this?

Hey dpotter,
What you are trying to do is a tad bit more complicated to accomplish in FrontPage.

1.) Create a page that includes your form for submitting data.
2.) In the Form results section of the Form properties, tell FrontPage to send the data to a HTML page called…for example, advertising.htm.
3.) On the page that you have the form, place your mouse cursor a few lines below your form, and go to Insert | Web Component. Select the Include Page component and browse for advertising.htm.

My steps and terminology may not be exact as I don’t have FrontPage open right now, but basically, when the user submits data to the advertising.htm page, that page will automatically update and display below the form results. Do tell me if works out. I’d never seen that done before, but it might work.

Kirupa :rambo:

Hi again all!

further to my last post some time ago, i’ve worked out that i need to save the results to a database.

On my form, I have a drop down menu of catergories.
Where a visitor fills out a form and catergories him/herself as (for example) ‘1’ on the form, I want the form results for that respondant to be automatically filed to the ‘1’ page.
is this possible?