Forms in Flash Banners

Here’s an issue I’m really having some difficulty with.

I want to create a Flash banner that will be distributed widely on the Internet via various ad partners. I want my banner to have a form that will submit variables from combo boxes to a page on my company’s web site.

I have found it next to impossible to find any kind of walk-through for this sort of process. There are several that deal with creating forms that interact with PHP pages or submit mail forms via Javascript, etc. That’s not what I need.

I’ve attempted to follow the Adobe documentation just in creating a working combo box and have been unsuccessful. I am really lost since I haven’t used flash since MX and I’m very rusty.

The last thing I want is for someone to do it for me, but I really want some sort of explanation of building a form that will 1.)be self-contained, and 2.)pass variables from component-based combo boxes using GET method to a page of my choosing.

Am I missing something obvious in the Adobe documentation, or is it something that just isn’t dealt with very much?