Forms that are bigger than the size of the movie?

Hi all

Does anyone know how I can make an interactive email form using scrollbar??

My email form is quite long, and it doesn’t fit within my movie proportions - hence I want to make the form with a scrollbar, so everything can fit

The only problem I am having is whilst I know how to make dynamic text scrollable, I have no idea how to add an input text box and make that scroll along with the text - it just sits there and doesn’t scroll.

It’s quite obvious now how to make a form that only contains two or three sections, but when this form contains quite a lot of information, it simply won’t fit within the area designated (which I can’t change). A scrollbar would be PERFECT if only it would work…!!!

What am I doing wrong??? cry

Put your dynamic text box AND your input text into a movie clip and scroll the movie clip.:slight_smile: