Forum time's funny

This is a real small thing but I’m just wondering why the times not right. I’m set at my time zone but not getting the correct time.

No worries though, just thought I’d mention it.

Yeah it gets funky sometimes, something to do with the way the forum gets the server time or something like that. I forget. I don’t think we can fix it though, it is an issue with vBulletin. You will just have to change your timezone so that it reflects the correct time.

Have done :slight_smile:

Your flash signature is interesting. Do you use an external text or xml file and have AS dynamically cycle your thoughts with it? Am I right?

cybertao :cyborg: :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I use arrays in Flash and the script pulls the words out of the arrays.

I tried using an external .txt file to load the information, but I couldn’t get the LocalConnection object to allow me to display the information here. Since Flash doesn’t allow you to load variables from another domain I can’t display my Flash movie here and have it’s loaded content display unless using allowDomain with the LocalConnection object, but I have no experience with using it so I couldn’t get it to work :stuck_out_tongue: