Fox goes Frog! Need a logo

A while back we posted looking for a name for our new top-end Real Estate engine. Can’t tell you much more about the product, but it will re-invent the way real estate is managed, bought and sold on-line with innovative new tools.

We were orignally looking for a FOX based name, but ended-up going for a FROG based name as this better represents ‘hopping’ from house to house. The tool will be known as FROGGLE (guess the influence! :p: ).

The tech tools are now under development, and we need a logo to go with the product. Will not inhibit you at all with size/colour etc… just that it should include:

Name: froggle (all lower case)
Strap-line: Realty to Reality (or you can add your own inspiration).
Image: Something frog related

Logo should be fun, approachable, tech-orientated, contemporary.

As we are a start-up, we can’t offer you anything financial, but will ensure that the chosen logo designer is clearly recognised at the base of the site and linked to their homepage.

Hugely appreciate any efforts made… thanks!