FP2002 and Cox Personal Webspace

I am trying to post a survey at http://members.cox.net/vaul/new_page_2. I cannot get the submit command to work properly. The reset button works fine. Cox assures me that their recent addition of the FP server extensions is complete and functioning.

Hello Robert Vaul,
The form seems to work properly. The problem, from what I am seeing, lies with Cox. Their FrontPage extensions must be causing the problems. To be sure, create a new page anywhere on your site. Insert a Hit Counter and preview the page in your browser. If you see [ Hit Counter ] displayed, FrontPage extensions are not installed or configured properly.

Please reply back and tell me if the hit counter works.

Kirupa :asian:

As you (and I) suspected), hit counter words show up so Cox has not installed the full set of FP extensions. Am not looking at alternative sites. Opporrtnity question: what is recommended table width for an 800X600 display? I am doing a survey for my dissertation that looks fine at the higher resolutions but know that I need to accomodate the lower ones.

Hello again Robert Vaul,
That is a tough question, usually I keep my tables at 765 px. You can use any value less than 800 px, but to be safe, you should keep your table width around 600-500 pixels. There really is no definite answer to this question. Usually, whichever width works when a site is viewed in Netscape with the panels taking up space on the left.

Kirupa :rambo: