FP2002 in Office XP Pro Photo Gallery

The photo gallery layout “Slideshow” is not working for me despite doing Restore and Repair as per MS instuctions, and also doing individual file extractions, again as per MS Instuctions. \rI purchased "FP2002 A Beginners Guide " by Kirupa in the hope I would find the solution,but no success yet.\r It allows me to select the pics I need and all that, but when I click ok it gets stuck on the Progress Dialog box with the “Generating thumbnails for photo gallery” bit.\r Does anyone have any idea how to correct this very annoying problem.\r I use Win2000 with P111 450mhz and 256sdram and Office XP Pro with Front Page\r Thanks to all that may take the time to reply.\r bahrin

Hey Bahrin,\rI just tried the feature using four 800KB jpegs, and the slideshow format worked well. Are your other Thumbnail options working well? Do you have the latest Office XP Service Pack 1 installed? You can get SP1 from office.microsoft.com/Down…fault.aspx\r\rI believe your system is more than sufficient to create the slideshow gallery. Have you ever just left the comp while it seems to be ‘stuck’ for about 5 minutes? Sometimes, waiting a few minutes (even with the box frozen, greyed out, etc.), the computer ‘unfreezes’ itself and continues its operation as normal.

Hi Kirupa,\rThanks for your advice. Downloading SP1 didn’t fix the problem. The other 3 photo gallery options work fine,but Slideshow still gets stuck on creating thumbnails bit.\r I’ve completely uninstalled Office XP Pro and reinstalled it,and also installed SP1 again,but to no avail.\r I have a friend who has FP2002 as a stand alone program and I will see what happens with installing that as a trial to a different directory. If that works ok I will get FP2002 as a stand alone program.\r If all else fails,I guess I will have to make do with using one of the other layouts,but I really like the idea of slideshow.\r My congratulations on the book BG to FP2002. It is written in a style that even I can follow and covers just about everything I need to get started. Well done.\r Regards\r bahrin\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r

Hey bahrin,\rI’m glad you liked my book. I really appreciate the comments. I do hope you are able to get your issue resolved. You might try the steps outlined in the following URL: search.support.microsoft…s|27854614 (it might help?)

u can make slide shows with FP 2002? where is do i look?\r\rmonica

Hey pookie!\rYou can create a photo gallery by going to Insert | Web Component. The Insert Web Component dialog box appears. Select the Photo Gallery option on the left and select the “Slideshow Layout” icon on the right (it should be the third graphic). You can add images, etc. and add your own custom text.

Hi Kirupa,\r Firstly, many thanks for your time in trying to help me resolve my problem. I have managed to get the Slide Show feature to work by an installation of Windows XP Pro. I didn’t buy XP just for this,but was considering an OS upgrade anyway and after reinstalling Office XP Pro, Front Page 2002 is fully operational.\r All tips & info from MSoft didn’t help and I dont know why it should be ok now, but I’ll accept in and thank the computer gods for my end result.\r I only wanted to create a “Photo Gallery” of some sort to show pics of my kids ,house ,pets etc etc for our folks overseas to view online. Now all I have to do is learn how to add/remove pics once its published on the web,and I know there is a section that includes this in your book.\r Thanks again and no doubt I will be back when next I run into a problem with FP2002\r Regards,\r bahrin