Frame by Frame Scrolling


I’m developing the web-site for a movie and the client demanded that the design was diagonal. Not too bad until he gave me the synopsis and it is a 3 paragraph long text which requires scrolling.
I’ve been searching the web for the past hour trying to find a way to diagonally scroll and no possibilities came up. Skewing the text doesn’t work because the angle is just to big. But I think that skewing the scrollbar once it is developed Vertically won’t be a problem (Will it still work though? If I skew the movieClip the scrollbar is?)

A way around I guess would be creating the text manually, indenting each line to make it diagonal, make it into a movie clip, give it a motion that moves diagonally from the beginning of the text to the end with a mask and have a scroll that goes back and forward from frame 1 to 30 (or wherever the motion ends). But two questions arose:

  1. How do I make a scroll with these properties - scroll back and forth (frame X to Y and vice-versa)?

  2. Can I make the scrollbar in a diagonall disposition? Something simple, the dragger button and a guide-line underneath or something like that.

Thanks so much in advance,
Hope someone can help me!