Frames, URLs, & Strings

Hi. I have Flash in my top frame and HTML in my bottom frame. I need an ActionScript that can read the URL of the bottom frame into a string. Then I need to replace a specific phrase in the middle of that string with a new phrase. Thanks for any help on how that’s scripted in ActionScript.

Perhaps I asked too much in one post and that scared people away. If anyone can help get me started, I think I’ll be able to struggle through the rest of it. It’s just a matter of having some sort of starting point. So if anyone knows what ActionScript calls the URL variable, it’d be a big help.

why do you need to read the url of the html that’s in the bottem frame? That might require some Javascript combined with Flash… which isn’t all that easy.

I’m using Flash to give a series of forms a facelift. Recoding the forms isn’t an option though. And the functions for working with pre-existing forms rely on the outputted form number in the URL and a phrase.\r\rI’m familiar with JavaScript. Though still new to ActionScript. If I can figure out how to read the URL with JavaScript, do you know how I would get this variable into ActionScript? In other words, does ActionScript read variables outside the Flash movie in the HTML page?

sure can. Flash uses the loadVariable(); command to grab variables from pages.\r\rsyntax for the command is located in Flash help, and is quite good.\r\rfor your reference. JavaScript, and ActionScript, use the same proprietary language as a base… so many of the commands are the same… you’re ahead of the game.

I was able work out the JavaScript and get it generating the correct URL. The only thing left is to pass the “url” variable into Flash. These are the lines of ActionScript I’ve been working on…\r\ron (release) {\r loadVariablesNum (“index.html”, 0, “POST”);\r getURL (url, “_self”, “POST”);\r}\r\rThe JavaScript and Flash are both in index.html. I’ve tried several variations to get it to work, but still no luck. Anyone know what the ActionScript code should be to make Flash read the url variable and use that location (like a HTML form) to post it?