Love the book, and have found it very easy to understand.
One part I have come unstuck on.
Extra frames, within a frameset.
Frameset of 4 frames, Title,Nav,Contents,Bottom. [+frameset]

I need to have frames 5,6,7,8 etc appearing as links to appear in Contents space, who do I make the extra pages and save them as frame 5,6 etc.
Please point me to the correct place in the book, or give me a hint. I know this sounds silly, but I have read and re-read the module, and still cannot see the piece of info I need. I am sure you have covered it, and I am just missing the point. Thanks in advance.

Hello petak,
I’m not exactly sure of what you are asking. From your question, I think that you are asking me how to load other pages inside the content space?

In other words, you already have the frame set created with 4 frames (title, nav, contents, and bottom). From a link contained on the nav page, do you want that link to load into the contents frame? If so:

1.)Select the link from the nav frame and press the Insert Hyperlink icon.

2.)Enter the address of the file page you want to display in the contents frame inside the Address field of the Insert Hyperlink window.

3.)From the Insert Hyperlink window, press the Target Frame button. From the image of the frame, select the contents frame with your mouse.

4.)The name you specified to the content frame will be displayed in the target (setting) field.

The link from the nav frame will now load in the contents frame. I hope that that is what you were asking. If not, I do apologize; could you please reply and restate your question?

To make the extra frame pages, simply create a new page in FrontPage. Save it with the name frame6, or whatever you choose to name it. Link to it from frontpage using the steps outlined above.You can press Ctrl + Left Mouse Click on the hyperlink to see how the page would look when loaded inside the frameset.


Thanks for the qucik reply, sorry I was not too clear about what I need to do I will try again.

Have the frameset as discussed previously, 4 frames, how do I get the extra pages up to place images and test on to them.
ie I required 4-5 pages in the contents area.
= Contents “Who are we”
Next page “What we do”
Next page “How we do it”
These pages to have links [I have no problems with doing links] in Nav. which of course will change the contents frame to the linked page.
Hope that is better. I know this is a very simply think to do - when you know how, I am sure I have a mental block now, having puzzled for over a week.

Hey PétaK,
I think I understand your question. You need to create the content pages separately. Once you create the pages, you can hyperlink to the pages you created. The target will be your main frame!

Dear K,
Panic over, driving down the freeway and it came to me in a flash-it was not a new frame I needed, but new contents, in a page, rushed home, and Yes Yes it worked.
Thanks for the help, I am sure I will be coming back, but will try on my own.