Free domain. read here

i had a friend. now i dont. he was a good friend. i got him a domain. he now is treating me really bad so now he dosnt get to keep the domain. so its going to the lucky kirupa winner who needs one:

e-mail me at [email protected] or post as a reply with this info

*u must not already have a domain

1.tell me a good reason why you need a domain

2.what whois info you whould like many hits you get or think you get a day.

the domain vaule is 5.00 dollar value


awfully nice of you! lot of people here who’d like a domain.


I agree.

what. he called me a lot of bad words and threatend me. so i am giveing it away.

But the domain isn’t that good ;).

Maybe not to you, but I’m sure someone will want it. He’s trying to do something nice, geeze guys.

I’m not being mean. But I’m just telling the truth…the domain doesn’t seem that popular.

He’s being really nice to just give away a domain. He’s also getting revenge :thumb:. It’s a win-win.

thanks dude. its true. i am trying to help. and on top of that it expires next feb in 2005. so thats like a hole year almost. so please some one be nice and understand its a kirupa forums exclusvie:)

Hey idoik,
I hate mean people!!! cough and it’s awsome that your punishing this guy. But would there be anyway to change the name? Or would one have to stick with it? is all i got to give. i can chage the whois info and the dns :slight_smile: for u. free
free everything.

What about total ownership transfer?


hmm u wanna pay for it.:stuck_out_tongue:

So you’re not giving it to someone you’re just letting point it at their website?

Isn’t tha tthe same as a dot TK web address?