Free Flash Sounds | Soundpack


We have recently released a Free ‘Soundpack’ containing 17 button/click type sounds ideal for Flash Developers and Multimedia Professionals. These have been designed for use with websites, cd-rom and other user interfaces.

44k 16 bit Stereo (WAV) files

244k (.zip) file

How to get them:

1 - Simply register to get a (Free) account with us

2 - Once logged in, go to ‘Free Music and Sounds’ category on the left of the site.

This free category has a range of free music and soundpacks that can be instantly downloaded. Just click on the 'add’ (to basket) button, then at the bottom of that page you will see a ‘download sound’ link.

These Music tracks and Soundpacks are FREE to members. Feel free to download them and ENJOY :slight_smile:

Many Thanks
The Beat Suite Team