FREE open-source files to create audio-driven Flash

Have you seen ?

Well, I’ve created something that comes close.

Download includes all open-source material and a manual
to create your own audio-driven animations in Flash 5,
and a player skinned by renascent of !

Download here:

Get it while it’s hot.


Thanx, Nice site!!

Smoken as one would say…

Thanx guys. Nice to hear my work is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this on a few boards.
Might as well do the same here. :wink:

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Hey lime,
I’ve watched your files closely. Is there any way I can make that array other than with the software Marmelade ? Otherwise, the script is really great. Thanks !!

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I think there is other software that does the same, although I haven’t found anything yet that works as easy as the Marmalade software. If I can find the time, I will go and search for some sort of server side application that will do the audio-analysing live. That would be even cooler!
You can always create your own values in the array of course. For instance, when using lipp-sync., you could write down the framenumbers on which voices sound. Still, that would be a lot of work, so I would much rather fork out $30.- to have a small piece of software do the work for me. The money is easily earned back. If you make a digital flyer for a band, and use the audio-sync. for it, you’ll have thoise 30 bucks back before you can say butterscotch. :wink:

You’re probably right. Thanks again !

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Has anyone implemented the source anywhere?

Show me, and post up the URL’s!
I’m curious :slight_smile: