Free sounds

anyone know where i can d/l sounds that aren’t cheesy? and are free?

The only place I know is in the Sound Loops and Sound Effects sections.

They have freeware and shareware so be careful of what kind you download.

how do you put the sound in? mine isn’t playing. can it not take wav?

The sounds should play!
Are you placing the sounds on a button?

If you are make sure you have “on event” selected otherwise it wont work.
Are your speakers turned on? ( u never know ) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you import the sound make sure nothing pops up saying
“one or more files could not be imported…”
I’ve had this error. Some wav files it imports… some not…
I just opened the wav in Soundforge and saved to a .wav again… :stuck_out_tongue: and it worked:ninja: