Freehand mx layer opacity

I have never had to do this till now but to anyone who uses freehand mx…how do you manipulate the layer opacity. I am tracing a bitmap and I cannot figure how to make my layer semi transparent so I can see the image below making it easy to trace.

Object panel > Add Effect (the circle icon with the +) and theres an option there for Transparency and you have a few options with that like normal transparency and transparency gradients etc.


yeah that is what I did and it did not make my path transparent…I thought maybe they moved it

scratch that sen…it is now working…I dont know what the hell i did last time…thanks man

so freehand suppports layer transparencies?? i stopped using it because illustrator had it and i could not fine it on FHMX, macromedia needs to make some of its apps a little more user friendly id say :angry:

yeah it is a lil unconventional where that is located but It is there

well its not really layer transparency, rather object transparency. If you have a lot of objects you can always group objects together and apply a transparency to that group. :-\

shesh sen knows everything :-\

i think sen works at macromedia rotflmao either that or his library is based on Macromedia products lol :wink: