Freelance moral quandary - advice please

I created a website for a client. It’s not a big site, and I’m sure I didn’t get paid what my time is worth, but I knew that going in. I freelance for side money, not as primary income.

Anyway, last Friday she told me that she realized she hasn’t gotten any email from the site. I placed mailto links on every page, plus there’s an email form as well. After a great deal of head scratching and a call to the host tech support, it turns out that the email address was wrong. Instead of [email protected], it is [email protected].

Now, obviously I should have caught that, but she and her husband had a proof cycle as well. They approved the site before it went live.

Anyway, I’ve made the correction, reposted the pages, and the mailto works. (The contact mail form’s not working, but I suspect that’s due to my microscopic knowledge of PHP.)

Now the quandary: should I tell her exactly what the problem was, or simply tell her the issue is fixed? I don’t expect her to demand any sort of compensation; it’s really more a question of embarrassment on my part.

What would you do?