FREELANCER NEEDED ! Expert in Adobe Flash AS2 or AS3 and XML

[COLOR=purple]Urgent!!! Pls help~

[COLOR=blue]Description : [/COLOR]Develop a mobile application called “[COLOR=blue]Interactive Road Safety Courseware in Malaysia[/COLOR]” (Car Udang-Udang)

  • its a uni projecr for my FYP
  • it is a interactive road safety courseware for malaysia mobile app for ios
  • which mean in malaysia we have to study our udang-udang before go for the udang-udang test, and i would like to develop an application with multimedia technology
  • inside the application got 500 udang-udang question frm the udang-udang book malaysia
  • and i want some of the question provide some animation for example and let the user more easy to understang and study.
  • in a english version only
  • beside, this application not only provide 500 question for user to study and also provide some quizzs for user to test with randomly pick within those 500 questions
  • using XML to store the text only and adobe flash for animation and the whole application
  • why am i developing in a mobile app is because convenient for the user can study in anytime and anywhere with a smart device

[COLOR=blue]dead line :[/COLOR] September 2013

[COLOR=blue]skill required : [/COLOR]adobe flash AS2 or AS3 and XML for storing data.

[COLOR=blue]payment :[/COLOR] negotiateble

[COLOR=blue]My location :[/COLOR] KL/Cheras (Malaysia)

[COLOR=blue]my contact no:[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]0162353997[/COLOR][/COLOR] PM or SMS ME