Freeware Image Editor

Does anybody know of a good freeware program for opening and making minor changes(crop, rotate, scale, etc…) to images. I need something with a minimal but still attractive UI and something that will open/close very quickly. Support for as many image types as possible is always good too.

Thanks guys/gals :slight_smile:


^ lol, no… :slight_smile:


for free gimps the best.

Google ‘download Gimp’. It’s available for Mac and PC, is freeware, and has features comparable to Photoshop like filters and layer-based image editing.

I actually enjoy using pen tool in Gimp more than Photoshop CS2.

Irfanview does a lot and it covers pretty much most of image types you’re likely to need

GIMP. There’s also [U]Paint.NET[/U].