Frickin' MySpace!

Ok, this has probably been asked countless times, but a cursory search yielded nothing of much use. :book:

Basically I need some help with MySpace. I want to tidy up my profile and make it look attractive. At the moment it’s a complete mess and I’m a total n00b when it comes to code. :crazy:

Now, I would really like my profile to follow the same layout as Thursday’s page. I’m using their style as a sort of template, designing the images I want around the shape of their page.

I have looked through the source code for the page but since I suck at html and css I can’t make head nor tail of the code. This is where you lovely people come in. :slight_smile:

I would simply like someone to extract the useful code from Thursday’s layout and show me how to get my profile to look exactly like theirs. Then I can put in my own images to make it more personal.