From Coding Exercises to Coding Missions!

Hi everyone - something I’m kicking the tires with is trying out small coding challenges (that I’m calling missions) that people can partake in, post their solution, and get a customized badge for each coding challenge.

Here is the first such mission: Sum Up an Array of Numbers : Coding Mission

Thoughts on this? Anything you think I should change?



It looks like a good step. I wish it was similar to Perhaps make the posting code snippet into the forum a bit more automated? Drag your files here, which will automatically post the code to the forums. Perhaps some unit tests that confirm the behaviour of your coding mission.

I take it that you have to manually assign these badges? Is this something you think would ultimately get automated in some way?

It is something I’m doing manually right now, but I am totally down for automating it if the volume of items gets too large :robot: