From here on out, make them all static/public/private

I have no idea what it is called, but many languages have a quite simple feature that says "From this point on, all variables and functions from this point on, unless otherwise noted, will be public (or private or static).

Yes, I know this code is poorly structured. That’s not the point. The point is the “public:”, “private:” and “static:” commands.

public class myClass
   public:   //Observe this command makes the function below public

      function myClass()
          myClass.totalInstances ++;
          myNumber = myClass.totalInstances;


      var myNumber:int;

   static:   //And both these variables are static (and because I didn't use a namespace, are automatically internal)
      var instanceList:Array = new Array();
      var totalInstances:int = 0;

Has ActionScript with all it’s flaws and foibles (but now finally with typed arrays!) created at least this type of feature?