I was born in Huntsville!
Nice to see some Techy Alabamians here on the forums!

Also, I really enjoyed reading about your faith man.

A really nice website; has a lot of character and great design.

your wall papers are off da hook!!

how did you make the one on your title page (dat’s my fav)?
did you write a tutorial?

from : Blake

What program do you use to make those wallpapers?

hello :slight_smile: impressive, nice background, nice desktops, nice ideas, but…I didnt like the text that you have on mouse over on that cube, looks choppy on my screen.

good stuff man

prstudio: Hey awesome! Where do you live now?

playboy_94804: I dont have any tutorials. I took advantage of 3ds max to do some of the shapes in the wallpapers, and photoshop to put it all together.

Supree: Photoshop 7, 3ds Max r4

MrMass: Thanks, I will make sure next time I use a flash font, cause I don’t think those are.

i live in north west florida

nasty site man. this thing is so cool. how long did it take to make the cube? :sigh: :A+:

WOW! THAT LOOKS AMAZING MAN!!! GREAT JOB! and I agree with you in the “Faith” section

ahhhh… nice graphics. I love the easy flow etc. The graphics are nicely done. However, i don’t understand it. Is the main content bwlow or above. Y the sperate sections?

The flash itself took a while, I never really was completely happy with it.

dreamer: yep, its skrewed up. My next design will be better, easier to navigate, no more mystery links. Thanks for your comments.

amen for faith

I updated the flash interface some. Try to get a little cooler with the background.