I haven’t worked on my site in months, but here is where it stands for now.

I’ve got a new design in the works…

Interesting design, I like your wallpapers. Were those made with 3d studio max?

the pics in your gallery were really nice. the design was cool also.:thumb:

thanks guys, yeah the some of the pics were done in 3ds max and tweaked up in photoshop.

I havent made anything good in a while though…

They’re pretty nice indeed, you should write some tutorials.

Nice wallpapers :slight_smile: The cube nav is very cool :beam:

Thanks! I’ve never thought about doing tutorials. I’ve never considered myself “good” enough to write them.

HOw? what? when?
that looks… omg…freacking…aweSOME!!!

Impressive layout :slight_smile: In that perspective, the content is a bit disappointing but it’s still very good.

haha, content has been a weak point for me on that site.

i really love the wall papers! and the cube was a good idea!

  • Man, this is a killer design. The pic on the intro page is my favorite.

  • Poor usability - The “return” link is hard to see. It was hard for me to find because the hit area is so small. I was stuck in a section for a while, before I found that.

  • Add sound effects.

Hey thanks for the points Supree. I’ve thought about that before, but haven’t had a chance to fix it.

I’m totally stuck on trying to add sound / music to the site. Any ideas?

great! but yah content weak hmmm now thats good!

Beautiful www, very impressive Artwork, but what was very annoying was that every one of your links opens in the brower window where your www is and when i want to return to your page, i have to go through some animations and clicks before i get back where i left off.
But other than that, it’s nice.

very nice. i bookmarked the your site

Yeah I hate that too. I need to get rid of the popups. In my next version I will.

your too good. Honestly you and Electron geek are just too good at flash… You two should work for places like 2advanced or

Excellent site, although, I was quite disenchanted when I stumbled upon your words of ‘faith’. I could care less about your ‘faith’, as I am sure any potential employers would as well.

Erik: sorry you feel that way, this is a personal site, and a big part of my life is my Faith. I’m not trying to get a job with my site, if I was it would look way different. Thanks for your comments

stftk14: Thanks for the compliments! I’m not good enough to work on 2advanced stuf… but thanks!