FrontPage Components on PHP pages - possible?

Hey all,

I hate to spam, but I posted this on the Client-Side topic because it deals with FP2003. Moving on:

I’m taking my first dip into php pages. I’m using FrontPage 2003 with the PHP Rocket plug-in installed. So I’m editing PHP pages in Design and Code view, everything is going great, its staying consistent with the look of my site.

Then I went to look at it in IE6, only to discover my “Include Page” headers and footers were nowhere to be found. Is it possible to use FrontPage components on .php pages?


Yes. But no comment. I hate FP

The trick:
if your page is:

save it as:

then resave it as:

There is something that is saved to the server in hidden files that needs to be registered and I am assuming it has to be a .htm or .html extension and since M$ does not enjoy open source competition they make it as difficult to use as possible.

Thanks for the tip man, I’ll try it.

Let me know if you have any troubles… A person that contracts me for work does everything in FP, so I have to deal with the extensions and php quite a bit.