Frontpage site search

:frowning: How do I get the FrontPage web search feature to search my website. I have followed the directions in the book several times and I can’t get the thing to work. My host has the extensions loaded. If you know how to do this, please give me the A B Cs for a beginner.

Thanks, Ron

Hello Ron,
A great way to test would be to create a sample search page.

  1. Go to your FrontPage.
  2. Create a new Web page.
  3. Once the page has been created, go to Insert | Web Component.
  4. The Insert Web Component dialog box will appear. Select Web Search and the Current Web option from the right.
  5. Press Finish.
  6. Save this page and preview in your browser.

This should work. If this doesn’t, your host has the FrontPage Extensions configured incorrectly.

Kirupa :rambo: