Fscommand-Fullscreen does not work in Flash Player 9

Dear all,

I have a problem with Flash Player 9. I have developed a flash application (projector) in Flash CS3 using AS2 . I can compile it into Flash 9 projector, but when I do that, it will not run FSCOMMAND(“FULLSCREEN”, true); anymore. I wonder why this is as such.

When I read through some help resources, somewhere it says that FSCOMMAND is not supported in FP9 because of some security reasons and it says that I should use External Interface API instead.

Can anybody enlighten me about this issue? If I have to use External Interface whatever, can anybody help me with that? Please remember that I am working with flash projector (exe), not in a browser.
I use “trapallkeys” to stop people from pressing ESC and CTRL-F to quit fullscreen mode. However, ESC and CTRL-F still work if I put “trapallkeys” above “fullscreen”.

So the problem is, I only able to use either one, not both. This is really strange. Do you have the same problem?

I could not make “showmenu”, “false” to work either.

Thank you for your reply,