Full flash site help

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i’m making a site, or starting one, and i have a qeustion.
What is a good size for a full site in flash? I want it to be big too. Not small. If you know a default good size tell me, k? k.
Thank you and bye.

I’m getting tired of waiting… I’m not patient

[size=1]I don’t mean to be so vague with this answer, but that’s
really just up to you! You as the designer need to decide that.

What I usually do is start with a main graphic and layout the
aspects of the site i know i need in a way that best suits my
creativity. Then go from there.

The size of the movie is irrelevant IMO if you have all that you
need and it functions.


Roughly: the main site should be less than 150 ko
Each part that you load afterwards < 50 ko

But of course it depends on what you’re doing…


The most important in you site size is the time needed to load each page.

On the internet : waiting more than 10 secondes for a page/frame/clip is boring.

Just try to optimize you Site/Pages /frames/clip according to this (you have to select a targeted brandwidth)

If you are talking about width and height…

Since most people on the web are still using 800x600, and have a 2 year old computer, I tend to program for that statistic.

In other words, the maximum space available, without scrollbars, is about 650-700 pixels wide, by 400-450 pixels tall. This allows for 3 toolbars at the top (you need to add more for Netslop, I mean Netscape), and a little on the side just in case…

If you want to pop it up in a fresh window (careful with this since there are a lot of people using anti-popup software), then the size of the resolution is the limit (800x600), since you really have no objects in your way…

Hope this helps.:elderly: Rev