Full flash site tut

hi all, i was trying to do that full site tut and when i copied an pasted the code like the tut said the output box said:

Clipboard Actions: Line 2: You must export your movie as Flash 5 to use this action.

why does that Flash 5 thing come up i thought the tut was for flash mx not F5…this is not the first instance in which i have run into this same comment in the output…so whats that all about

You must have your export settings set to something lower than Flash 5. I think you can change that in File/Publish Settings and it should be fixed.

i see, is that something that i can set the default for? cuz changing it doesn’t seem to stay, if i set it to F6 and close the .fla then open another its set back to 4, is that how its supposed to be or am i missing a step to set the default? and thanks again

Hmm, that is odd. I just had the same problem because I had mine set to export at Flash 5. So I changed it back to Flash 6 and it is still there.

Possibly you are opening up a Flash 4 file or a file that has Flash 4 AS in it. Of course the coding is supported in MX, but Flash might assume that you want to export as a Flash 4.

when i open a new doc (blank movie) whatever…and nothing has been done to it and i check the publish settings…its set to F4, so if i change that to 5 or 6 and open a new blank movie/document and check the settings its still at F4, so obviously the default is 4 and nothing i have done so far has been able to change that.:cyclops:

So don’t do it when no movie is opened. Open a movie, change the settings, save your movie and then try it out.