Full Screen Background?

I am trying to publish a flash based site with a pixel pattern background.
How exactly do you publish with a full pattern on the page, without the flash coloured border.
Is it simply a matter of using dreamweaver instead and dropping in your flash and background.
Or can you do it solely with flash.

thanx for any help.


i don’t think i understand what you are trying to do

do you want the tiled image to be in your flash movie or in the html or in both.

if you want it to appear as a background for both the flash movie and the html so it fills the window then you can make your background in html tile that image and then make your flash movie transparent


i hope this helps

yep thats close, whats the html to tile an image, or should I just tile it in photoshop and slap it on a blank html page.

thanx again.