Full screen flash does not work!Urgent help needed

guys, I have been on ht einternet already 4 days trying to accopmlish the fulls creen break out of browser problem.

I have used this:

  1. created a webpage from which the the full screen flash supposed to be launched.

  2. added to the body follwoiwing tags:
    <script language=“JavaScript”>
    function launchwin()
    newwin = window.open(“confidentiality2008.html”,“WindowName”,“fullscreen=1, scrollbars=1”)
    <a href=“javascript:launchwin()”>Launch</a>

Published according to the tutorial ’ s setting my flash

added to the close button the following code


It BLOODY does not work.
please,please help me, I have no ide.

All i need is that my flash will fill ENTIRE computer screen, and that if one wants to escape can either press ESPAE button on the keyboard or click close button.

PLease help. I have found several tutroails on the internet, but most of them are not accessible to me since I am neahind coprorate Websence blockade.

please help.