Full screen Flash windows

Hi guys,\r\ri have a question…does anyone know how to do a full screen with flash when the swf file is double clicked?\r\rfor example: say…i have a 800x600 movie…when i double click the swf file…i want it to go fullscreen…like the flash stays 800x600 and the rest of the space on the screen is black…like those new autorun interactive cds…and no toolbars are visible…just the flash and the black space in full screen…\r\ris this possible to do?\r\rthanks

On or Off-line? Just an swf locally or embedded in html?\r\rIf local, you need to detect dble click by setting / testing the interval between two clicks, and if this time lapse is short enough, call fscommand fullscreen=true\r\rIf online, you need javascript to open a window (or resize) to a size bigger than the users screen resolution (which of course you need to have detected before…).\r\rEasier: just provide a button “View Fullscreen” by which you send the users to a new page (or pop-up one), or resize, instead of trying to detect dble-clicks!

oh ok…thanks…so if i do it offline…then i gotta put a fscommand? hmm alright…it will completely be full screen right? no toolbars or anything?\r\rthanks for your reply!

ok i got that part…thanks!..\r\rnow…for the second part of the question…how do have the whole screen maximized…but keep it at 800x600 and not fit the screen at say 1024x768?

In the export settings for your swf, have it keep the movie size…experiment with these settings to see what everyone does :wink: