Full-Screen Flash

Hello Again Guys,

I’d like to know how I can do a full screen Flash like the one found in www.opacitydesign.com

Deep Junior


Well, all you need is to get the fullscreen extension at Macromedia exchange , install with Extension manager, open your fla, drop it in there, set a few param’s, and you’re done§
Works great.
If you’d rather work on it “by hand”, get a javascript screen resolution detection script on one of those script sites (search google) and ajust the size of the new page with that…

You could just ask us :slight_smile:

I’ve posted a tutorial on my full screen script at www.actionscripts.org


Chris Hayward
Opacity Design Group

Hey Chris,
You have a really nice site. The splash screen with the smoke/clouds moving in the distance is really nice…so are some of the Web sites you have designed :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

We’ve had a TON of success from our website… so much so that im too busy to really visit forums like this and say hello to the flash community.

That smoke/cloud effect i stumbled upon by accident – its really easy to do with a single cloud JPG faded – the hard part was getting the mask to fit perfectly in the background

the little light things coming from back to front are completely random as well… everytime you visit the site it’s a bit different… i love effects like that.

Im still not completely happy with our site, but our customers seem to love it so i’ll let it be for a while

Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated!


Chris Hayward
Opacity Design Group