Full Screen scaling


page im working on now doesnt use designer at all and basically is all written and whole page is basically one big flash.

One section of page has ability to be viewed in full screen. But the thing is that in full screen i only want to see a part of flash (basically only one movie clip).

But since i use this.stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN; whole flash is showed.

Is there a way to show only part of stage?

I had an idea to make seperate flash and embed it in the main one and fullscreen it but the problem i encountered was that i cant pass parameters or call functions of embeded flash.

The other solution i thought would be to just rearange whole main page before showing it fullscreen so that only this one movieclip would be visible but this kinda sucks cuz a) i dont know how to catch when esc is pressed and b) it sucks.

P.S. Been working on flash for only a week now so…