Full site tut

hi, im pretty new at mx but the thing was i did the entire flash site tutorial and understood all the coding and everything i had to do on the tut using the source .fla but the thing is i dont understand what was alraedy dont on the .fla. if you know what i mean, to make it simpler i dont understand what was done before adding all the codes. if anyone can help i would be appreciative thanx

Well if you don’t know that yet then you should read up on tutorials about buttons and creating symbols.

You will need that knowledge first for foremost.

okay i got it but i had another question i created just a test and the thing is when my movie loads it loops and i dont know how to make it not loop can u help?

Right click on the very last frame of the animation and add this action…


This will stop your movie on that frame.

You need to situate yourself with Basic actionscript as well.

Such as gotoAndPlay(frame#)…gotoAndStop(frame#)… stop(), etc

thanx you know i see al ot of site with all thse nice effects yet i cant find any tuts on adding text effect for buttons like when a link is clicked to make it do anything like light up or get bigger or change color when clicked

Draw your shape… use the mouse and select your shape.

Hit F8 I believe and it will bring up the box to convert to a symbol.

Convert it to a button.

Now double click your button and it will open up to a spot with a weird looking timeline.

The timeline has 4 frames.

An Up, Over, Down, and Hit Frame.

These are the different states of your button. Just draw the new shape in the over frame to make a rollover effect, or in the down frame to make a button press effect. The hit frame is mainly for invisible buttons. If your button has all empty frames, but an object in the Hit frame, this will cause your object to be a button, but be invisible to the viewer.

This is all the knowledge you learn when learning how to create and what symbols are. This is definite knowledge about Flash that is needed.