Full Time Web/Graphic Designers


Common skills required:

  • you must be rigorously available full time or partial time depending of the contract you will have chosen and you will be entitled to.
  • these jobs are remote work: you work from your home. Thus, you must have good and easy internet access.
  • you must have a serious behavior towards the work that is given to you and the people you work with, you must be rigorous.
  • you must speak and write english very easily. Other languages (french, german, …) may be a plus.
  • you must be available through chat or mail each end of your working day. You’ll have to constantly udpate the progress of your work.
  • you must be consistant (8 hours per day) and work fast.

Job Offer Ref# 0409-01
Experienced Graphic Designer
Minimum 2 years experience. Work to be done on Adobe Photoshop only. Excellent taste and expertise in design required, especially in the areas of typography and layout, colors. You will have to discuss with the project manager the design of thematics and contents of new creations.
Salary: 450 to 550 us$ + benefits

Job Offer Ref# 0409-02
Beginner Graphic/Web Designer
No experience required but you must have a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Image Ready, Macromedia Dreamweaver, eventually Macromedia Flash. You will have to produce graphics and web pages from .psd files. Knowledge of Html is mandatory.
Salary: 150 to 250 us$ + benefits

Please e-mail us your resume with (link to) your portfolio (or personnal website) and any useful information to [email protected]

Positions are available immediately.

Thank you!

Got a quick question here. What exactly is that salary? 450 dollars a year? 450 thousand a year? 450 dollars a week etc…


http://b2cash.com/ seems to deal all with ****. What exactly will we be designing?

These are monthly salaries so obviously not for you ShawnJC.
As you mentionned, indeed the designs may deal with ****.

Thanks for your questions anyway and good luck!