'fullscreen' code

hi all,

what’s the code to activate fullscreen and where do I put it??

i’ve done this before but forgotten.


Have you ever considered trying

THIS :q:


onClipEvent (load) {
fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

Remember that this only works after you export your .fla into .swf.

yeah! and place it on the very first frame! ;)!

Ermmmm…as you can see, I am using “onClipEvent(load)”. Hence, I would’nt advise you to place this script on the first frame. LOL. Place it in the moveclip instead. If you want to do it on the very first frame, then simply use the “fsCommand” without the onClipEvent.

ohh my… didnt see that…
yeah you’re right…

but why put it onClipEvent anyhu? :wink: