Fullscreen flash help

Hi there, I was following Kirupa’s tutorial on how to make a Flash site that takes up the whole screen no matter what resolution it is being viewed at.

I am having some trouble however, I’m trying to make a bar on the bottom of the screen for example like on this site (1000pis.com) okay currently in Flash my bar is off the canvas, and my settings are the same as in the Kirupa tutorial:

100% x 100% - no scale, align default ect.

In my resolution 1280x1024 it looks fine on the bottom of the page, switching to 1024x768 resolution and it disappears.

Basically, how do I make the bar stay at the bottom of the page no matter what the resolution is set to?

And also would someone mind pointing me to a tutorial that shows how to make individual movie clips automatically move themselves when the browser is resized.