Fullscreen Mode without context menu

Hello everyone!

I´ve been working full time with AS3 for afew months, so I understand the basics by now.
Afew months ago I made a fullscreen mode on a clients website after following the instructions on the tutorial provided by Adobe

Here´s the link

Didn´t have any problems getting that to work, however, the client doesn´t want the context menu that you get with their example.

After spending hours searching in different forums for a fullscreen script that does the same thing but with just one mouseclick, instead of having to access the context menu set up by Adobe, I gave up and decided to ask you guys.

I think I´m not the only one having some issues with this uhm, issue.

So, if there´s a kind hearted soul in here who doesn´t mind taking the time to explain this once and for all, I´d be forever greatful.

Maybe even provide some out of this world example files too :slight_smile:

Best of Regards