Fullscreen problem!?!?!

I have a fullcreen flash movie running (making a cd rom), in the movie there is a email link, on a Mac when I click the link with Get Url…Mailto… actionscripting, the defalt mail program opens, this doesn’t seem to work though when opened on a PC.

Help anyone?

dont know why that is not working for you, however, as a rule of thumb, I don’t like using mailto://

The reason is, depending on your audience, you will find that a lot of people use browser based email (yahoo, hotmail, etc…) or portal based mail like AOL, Prodigy, compuserve… in a lot of cases they have not configured an email client like outlook or eudora, which will cause your app to fail.

Just a few humble words.

I just saw your post regarding the downside of using e-mail links (mailto:) in flash.

■■■■ good point that…

Now that you have freaked me out by showing me the massive audience I could be missing out on, could you tell me is there any way to create an e-mail link that will work for Hotmail and any other web based set up, that I can incorporate In my movies???

Any advice appreciated:)