Fullscreen - Still not 100%


I have asked this question before but haven’t got a good (or I didn’t understand the…) answer.

I want to make a flash site there the background image can be streched out (100% x 100%) but the content in normal size. I’m using pixel fonts.

Here’s an example of a site: http://www.wash-design.co.uk/

And this is what I have come up with:

a) http://www.bremell.com/david/mainmovie2004_fullscreen.html
This one crop the bg image when you resize but keep the content in normal size. Here the bg is set to 1600x1200px.

b) http://www.bremell.com/david/mainmovie2004_fullscreen_100.html
Same as above, but published with 100%x100% in Flash.

Do you know how to do?