Fullscreen VS Windowed

I’m working on a game right now, which will be a PC RPG, using Flash and Visual Basic. I’m trying to decide which type of view I should use, and was hoping I could get other opinions on the subject. I’m not sure if I should make the game display in Fullscreen, or in Windowed Mode.
I’ve listed the benefits of each mode as I have thought of them, and hope you guys can offer your own opinions.
[COLOR=blue][list][]Reminiscent of Console RPGS
]Isolates Game from other applications the player might have open.
[]Reduces Strain on Graphics, since other programs aren’t being displayed.
]Gives an overall Authentic Feel to the Game.
[/list][/COLOR] Windowed
[COLOR=red] [list][]Allows for easy Multi-Tasking
]Doesn’t ‘take over’ player’s screen
[*]Makes it easy to have multiple windows in the game.
[/list] [/COLOR]

Please let me know if you think of any other arguments for either mode. Thanks! :te: