Fun with dragEvents

Hi folks. Before I ask, let me state: I am aware this is not a flex forum. I am just hoping some of you AS3.0 savants might provide some insight into my issues.

I am making a drag&drop feature that allows you to do so with any UIComponent, not just list-based classes. This works great until you introduce scrolling at some level in the chain of components. In this case my scrolling is happening at the Application level. It seems that Flash/Flex is not recognizing the dragEvents at their content level. I have posted an example here.

Try doing the following:[LIST=1]
[]drag & drop a colored box to the bottom-center column.
]drag that box upwards so that your cursor is now in the larger middle area.
[]continue this drag to the left portion of the screen.
]notice that the functionality responds as it should, indicating that you are about to drop into the large area.
[]now scroll the **application **upwards about 30px.
]perform steps 1-3 again. Notice how the bottom-left column acts as though it is receiving the drag, not the main area.[/LIST]This is utilizing Adobe’s built in dragEvent system for UIComponents. The only customized features I have added is a dropTargetIndicator image. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.