Function parameters as AsBroadcasters

I just read Senocular’s tut on AsBroadcasters & Listeners. I happen to use the Tween class most anytime I have movement based on interaction. I was wondering how you might use the AsBroadcaster along with the TweenClass.onFinished method. Specifically I would like to have several functions (i.e. zoom & adjust) that use a tween function:

function tween (target_mc:MovieClip, property:String, begin:Number, end:Number, time:Number):Void { 
	easeType = mx.transitions.easing.Strong.easeInOut; 
	tweening = new mx.transitions.Tween (target_mc, property, easeType, begin, end, time, true); 
	tweening.onMotionFinished = function(){ 
function adjust2 (target_mc:MovieClip):Void { 
	var point:Object = new Object (); 
	point.x = _root._xmouse; 
	point.y = _root._ymouse; 
	zoom_mc.globalToLocal (point); 
	var new_x:Number = target_mc._x - point.x; 
	var new_y:Number = target_mc._y - point.y; 
	tween (target_mc, "_x", target_mc._x, new_x, time); 
	tween (target_mc, "_y", target_mc._y, new_y, time); 
function zoom (target_mc:MovieClip, value:Number):Void { 
	zoom_factor = value; 
	trace (zoom_factor); 
	var new_width:Number = target_mc._width * zoom_factor; 
	var new_height:Number = target_mc._height * zoom_factor; 
	tween (target_mc, "_width", target_mc._width, new_width, time); 
	tween (target_mc, "_height", target_mc._height, new_height, time); 

You can see the adjust and zoom functions call on the tween function twice.

What I would like to do is be able to use onMotionFinished as some sort of AsBroadcaster. Maybe use the tween function itself and provide additional parameters to the onMotionFinished. Would using an extra parameter in the tween function call such as tween (some_mc, “_x”, 0, 100, 5, yes(which means do something else) be the route to go? Am I thinking the AsBroadcaster could help here?

This is just a budding idea and I would like to fully explore its possibilities. Thanks for any suggestions, brainstorms, scolding, etc…