Function with Arguments(Parameters)

So basically what I want to do its make my code more reusable in a sense. The way I am coding things now when someone clicks on a button a timer function is called and then I have things animate off stage. After they are done I have timer function run which then loads in the new swf. Is there a way to make this happen in one function or one line of code instead of the way I am doing it now. I have to write the below code for every button instead of having to do it just once.

button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, contentOut);

function contentOut (event:MouseEvent) {
    //Animations here

/*---          ANIMATION TIMER          ---*/
var contentTimer:Timer = new Timer(1500,1);
contentTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, contentLoad);

function contentLoad(event:TimerEvent) {
    trace("removed elements --- Now loading");
    var c = new CraigLoader( this );
    addChild( c );
    c.load( "howard-intro.swf" );