Functionality between moviclips and the Main Time Line

Ok so I have a flash application that I’m trying to get working, it’s pretty simple in theory but I’m screwing something up.

Basic Description:

I have some buttons inside of a Movie Clip on the stage “MenuMC”
I have a flv player component on the stage. “Video”
I have another movieclip on the stage which houses a UILoader “Slide”

I need the “Menu” to update the source paths for “Video” & “Slide”

The Rub:

I have an XML file which is populating a sub menu which houses other topic that the selected button in “Menu” contains

So, the “Menu contains” the Speakers for this app. Each speaker has multiple slides and videos which need to be accessible by the sub menu that loads when the user clicks on it.

Menu loads the Speaker which in turn loads the other topics that the selected speaker will be speaking on.

I have the menu to the point when the user Clicks on a speaker it sets the value of a variable called [currSpeaker] I need to get that variable back to the maintimeline and use it in the variable that controls the string for the URLRequest:

var XML_URL:String = "speaker1/menu.xml";

so that it takes the currSpeaker in and uses it in conjunction with the string to be requested:

var XML_URL:String = menu.currSpeaker + "/menu.xml";
var myURLReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(XML_URL);
var myloader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(myURLReq);
myLoader.addEventListener("complete", xmlLoaded);

and at that point the ""xmlLoaded function uses the loaded XML to populate an xml driven menu.

Everything works fine when I identify the string like it is in the 1st block of code above.

I’m confussed just writing this i hope someone can help me!:ko:

thanks in advance.