Fuzzy fonts - i know, i know!


we all know that flash is rubbish at dealing with fonts. And we all know the only way around it is to use pixel fonts.

But here’s the deal. I have a site that uses Minion Pro Serif font at 16 points. There is absolutely no decent serif pixel fonts at this size that i have come across.

I have tried lots of other serif fonts but i’m still going fuzzy. The only thing that works is to tick the device fonts button, but as most people don’t have Minion, it’s somewhat redundant.

Is there any way on earth to somehow load the font with the site, or does anybody have any links to where i can get serious serif pixel fonts?

tried fontsforflash among others, but the site i’m doing is for an old school brand agency and they just won’t accept that what i have currently is the best possible!!!

any ideas on how to make these people understand that it’s a limitation of flash and not my incompetence as a designer?


thanks, and sorry to rant


Don’t forget that if you place the font inside a movieclip that that movieclip also has to be on a whole pixel, not just the font itself inside the clip.

Dynamic Text displays a lot smoother than Static Text…


thanks O. I’ve done this. Let me explain, i have done a good 15 flash sites, so i know all the normal things to do. MY problem is that i have difficult clients and they just dont get that the way i have the font currently isa the best it can be!

Before i confront them, i just wanted to check that there hadn’t been any clever new tricks that i might have missed.

Basically i’m just fed up with the job and wanted to vent a little!


You could always set the quality of the movie lower, I think that usually helps a little, but the rest will probably get worse…:-/

Does it really look that bad?

is it really that bad?

No! I think it’s bloody good considering how flash behaves!

Thanks for your support mate, i think i just have to sit down and explain to them that this is the best there is!