Galley has mucho mc's, how to return

so lets say that the viewer clicked my gallery button which loaded a swf file onto an empty movie clip, okay?
the gallery page opens in all of it’s beautifulness (snarf) and distributed throughout the new page are several thumbnails of my pics.
now the question, how to make the following happen(?):
the viewer sees a thumbnail that looks interesting so he/she/it clicks it and the thumbnail enlarges over the existing page (existing page is 800x600 and enlarged thumbnail is 300x250ish), the viewer grows weary of the enlarged thumbnail so they click it again and the enlarged pic returns to the original page as a thumbnail…thus allowing the totally bored viewer another chance to click another completely dreadful thumbnail…thus starting the whole inane process over again. can someone say, “pavlov’s dog?” :doughnut:
i’m not sure if i would hide a m.c. button underneath the thumbnail/enlarged pic or do another empty m.c. load movie or what!?
please help my brain is loaded (and not with movie clips!) lol!