Game Idea!

Heya all, Ive been a part of this community for a long time, and now i have thought of a REALLY good game idea, simple but effective,

Im quite good with flash however im not so good with the server side, im good at actionscript but im looking for somone who has knowledge of flash and server integrating, I dont want to give my idea away, however it will be a game (mini multiplayer 4 people per game) earning points which eventually will beable to exchange for prizes/rewards etc, It will need

-Login System
-SSL cert etc
-Payment Gateway
-Highscore table
-and a feature where they players can ‘talk’ via text & voice

it will need to be fully dynamic, so im looking for someone with the experience in this area

anyone interested in doing this, im also looking for a 3D Designer/Animator for the game but i want it to be flash based,

I expect this to be a 3/4 man team, eventually i expect it to make money and i am going to be on the phone soon to someone who i will be working with in projects to see if he can help in anyway,

thanks KirupaMembers